Michael McCaffery is a former Silicon Valley construction and development executive now living on the prairie south of Santa Fe with his wife Liz, dog Giordi, and cat Bella.  
He received master’s degrees in engineering from Stanford University and the University of Louisville’s Speed Scientific School, and was a Civil Engineer Corps naval officer during the Vietnam War era.
His passion, besides his family, is model railroading, which has fascinated him throughout his life.  More information can be seen at .
To resume the first person singular method of writing, I have as of May 23, 2020, decided to slow down my model railroading activities and proceed to sell of some of my creations, and a fellow model railroader will transport as practicable much of what I have constructed to his home in Phoenix, where he will continue it in a somewhat modified form.   That's as close to eternity as I am likely to get, and for that I thank my friend (whom I have not yet met) who goes by the name of Pablo Kruze, or something close to that.   Life for me at this point is constantly surprising and almost always entertaining.   
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