I want to thank and acknowledge Liz Dunn, my wife, companion, and partner, without whom I would likely not be existing at this point in time.   If I were, I would not be nearly as happy or fulfilled as I am at this moment.   
I am clear that this moment is the only important one, and truly the only moment that exists, and that knowledge has transformed my whole life.
I will refer the Reader (my term for you, the person reading this) to my previous website  My Journey Toward Peace, which is useful - although not necessary - in reading and understanding how I came to be at this point and realizing that I am blessed to be here.  
I also want to acknowledge Noel, my long term fellow seeker and steadfast friend and supporter, who has been a source of inspiration and guidance for over fifty years for me, as well as for many others, who have been willing to examine this journey called Life.  Further, without the support and guidance of Leo Zeff, who initially introduced me at my request to realms of insight and wonder I had not thought possible, I would not be alive today, and if I were, would not be nearly as happy and fulfilled as I am right now (which is ultimately the only moment that exists).  (Side note to the Reader:   I tend to write long and meandering sentences; my apologies.)  Finally, Werner Erhard, the founder of the est training, was instrumental in my learning how to successfully engage and motivate my Self and others to be successful, fulfilled, engaged, and satisfied human beings.  Each of these three have contributed in amazing and useful ways to the growth of other people.
What I have written here, and what you are about to experience, would not have been possible without each and every one of these friends.
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